About us

Unfortunately for us, Mietta and I live in Australia, but our father Angelo spends summer in Potos. 

He was born and raised in Thassos before he and our grandparents immigrated to Melbourne in 1966 so he has a lot of local knowledge and stories from the old days. Angelo will be available as much or as little as you would like, whether you just want local coffee recommendations or you feel like sharing a bottle of ouzo!

We are a little family, but we have a big passion. And we bring this passion to everything we do. Our unique perspective is born from a deep love for our Australian and Greek homes and our desire to roam far and wide, soaking up everything the world has to offer.

We take pride in bringing you products, produce and furnishings from local Greek artists, trades people, producers and businesses and prioritise providing you with sustainable and ethical items and amenities wherever possible.

A nostalgia for post war Greece influences our sepia coloured view of the world, and it looks pretty good.

We hope you like what you see too.