Thassos. The emerald of the Aegean 

Mythological quests. Phoenician goldmines. Egyptian marble quarries. Byzantine ruins. Sacred relics. Resistance strong holds. Plunging cliffs. Sprawling forests. Towering mountains. Azure beaches. The sweetest honey and a whole lot of sunshine.

Stay with us and explore everything Thassos has to offer.

Mountains and Sky.

Beneath the soaring Mt Ipsarion the villages of Thassos are full of local arts, history, culture and delicacies. 

Sea and Sand.

From Aliki to Giola the Thassian beaches are some of the most beautiful and diverse in the Aegean. 

Want to know more about our beautiful island, it’s people, food, culture and history?

Why not come and stay with us and discover Thassos for yourself?

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